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Your digital marketing agency is here to guide you through all the steps to successfully enter into the French market or develop your online sales.

Thanks to our experience in e-commerce and digital marketing we are specialists in understanding and knowing how to best improve your export activities.

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e-commerce agency based in France

French market experts

Experts of the French market, the team at HD Webmarketing will help you choose the right digital marketing strategy for your business (including Google Adwords & SEO campaigns).

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

We can help you improve the performance of your website by making it as customer-friendly as possible in order to increase your turnover.

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Project Management

Eager to explore new horizons? We are here to manage complex projects and adapt your website for all your export activities.

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Traffic Management

We can optimise your website traffic through SEO campaigns, Google Adwords, Affiliate marketing and social networks to achieve maximum online presence.

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Customer Management

HD WebMarketing can advise your business with the correct tools and tactics to get the most value out of your existing customer base.

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International Team

French Founder of HD WebMarketing, Hugo Dubuissez, and British Project Manager, Ailsa Cartledge, are here to help your online business grow.

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French market experts

Planning on expanding your online business into France?

Thanks to our excellent knowledge of the French market we will help you choose the right e-commerce strategy for your business, making sure it meets the needs of your clients. Our experience in SEO campaigns and Google Adwords will benefit your business to increase its brand awareness and improve your position in search engines.

Translations, customs queries, logistical queries, bank queries… we are here to help get your business up and running in France.

French market experts

Our e-commerce experts at your service

We are a small but dynamic and effective team, able to manage your e-commerce projects.

Hugo Dubuissez, Digital Marketing and E-commerce consultant, and Ailsa Cartledge, International Project Manager are here to help you.

Client Satisfaction

Quality over quantity, we look after our clients well

+ 20 000 orders!

More than 20 000 online orders placed thanks to our campaigns since 2015

Tailor-made services

We adapt to the needs of your business so we can advise and manage your projects

Results driven

Our only goal is your success. Our recommendations are always aimed at achieving great results for your business

Traffic management

We will help boost your online investments through emailing automation using MailChimp; designing or managing marketing campaigns that are relevant, timely and helpful to your customers. We offer Google Adwords as a way for your business to reach customers through multiple channels. HD WebMarketing can also manage your SEO campaigns and affiliate marketing to ensure increased qualified traffic to your site and increased site usability.

If this sounds relevant to your business, feel free to get in contact with the HD WebMarketing Team.

traffic management

Do you want to work with us?

Conversion rate optimisation

We are here to improve the performance of your website so that customers feel at ease buying products from your company. From redesigning your website to translating your site into your chosen language, the team at HD WebMarketing have expert knowledge in increasing the number of sales or leads and helping your e-commerce business succeed.

conversion rate optimization

What people say about us

Customer management

Want to get the most out of your existing customer base? Our team can recommend various customer retention strategies in order to dissuade them from choosing a competitor or an alternative company. With the use of email automation or loyalty programs we can use our expert knowledge in this field to help your business get the full benefit from your current customer base.

If this is an area you wish to improve upon for your e-commerce business, do not hesitate to get in contact with the HD WebMarketing team.

reputation management

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Project management

Do you have an international e-commerce project in mind?

We can help you come up with a international strategy that best fits your online business demands. We will translate your website into the targeted country’s language allowing maximum localisation of your website. We will provide advice with logistics, delivery methods, and payments so as to reduce any unwanted surprises.

We’ll help you from strategic studies to testing passing through functional specs…

If this is something you are interested in please get in contact with us and our team of experts will be happy to help.


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Our digital marketing agency is based in Valenciennes, North of France. We are used to work from distance and in international environments. Don’t hesitate to contact us even if you are based in the UK or in America.

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